Fresh View
free multimedia manager
v 7.0: January 26, 2007

Fresh View 7.0

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size: 2463 kb

What's new: support for .WBMP (Wireless Windows Bitmap, read only), .PNM (Portable Any Map Graphic, read only), .RAS (Sun Raster Graphic, read only) , and .HIPS (DTU HIPS Image, read only) files. Just install it over the old version on your PC.

Satellite TV Titanium

New edition for 2007. Instantly turn your computer into a Super TV. Over 4000 top-quality TV stations on your PC or laptop for free.

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Fun with Figures

How to perform some amazing mental math in clear simple steps, faster than most adults can with a calculator.

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Turn your PC into an instant Satellite TV with 3000+ channels.
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Optimize your Windows system registry.
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