Copy any DVD movie using your CD burner.
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Fresh UI
free tweaking tool
v 7.23: November 19, 2004

Fresh UI 7.23

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size: 799 kb

What's new: hidden options for Windows Desktop, Folder Settings and Others section. Just install it over the old version.


DVD Energy

Use this software to backup the entire DVD movie to either blank CD or blank DVD, and play the copy in any DVD player.

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Mp3 Advance

Get one of the largest resource of music, videos, and more, plus step by step instructions and vip technical support.

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Spyware Nuker

There are currently over 78,000 spyware and adware programs that are
infecting innocent Internet users. Scan your PC with this software and find out if you have any spyware that are infecting it.

Download here (2.1 Mb)